One thousand brass peanuts, 500 x 300 x 1 cm 

One thousand brass peanuts - lucky charms in Thai culture - are placed in a random installation on the floor, opening up a field of possibilities: it is up to us, which seed we may plant, it is up to us which plant we might nourish. It is up to us which fruits we might harvest every moment, every day and every year in our lifetime.
In Buddhist teaching Karma (Cause and effect) is the field, consciousness the seed and craving the moisture for all production of renewed becoming in the future. It is believed, that man will reap what he has sown; we are the result of what we were and we will be the result of what we are. In other words, man is not one who will absolutely remain to be what he was and he will not continue to remain as what he is. As long as there is a seed, there will be fruit. 

Text: Hitomi Hasegawa, MIACA Hong Kong, 2020
Photos: (c) Studio Kay Walkowiak