Brass, concrete, soil

300 x 60 x 30 cm 

Since antiquity, the Western conception of form has sought the Platonic “ideal,” or the manifestation of the idea as form and substance conceived as permanent and immutable. The concept of “eternity” lives on in Christianity and culminates in the uncompromising modernist vision with its quest for the perfect, universally legible, and timeless form. [...]

In Case Study Object (2016), Walkowiak proposes a prototypical modernist sculpture that takes the aspiration to universality framed by its paradigmatic visual language to an extreme. The brass object, apparently “uprooted” from a concrete foundation, rests on the ground, becoming the relic of a Western illusion of permanent form. 

Text: Marlies Wirth, MAK - Musuem of Applied Arts, Vienna 2016
Photos: (c) MAK / Alsan Kudrnofsky