"History, as many philosophers and historians have said, is a problem that is conjugated in the present tense, and that makes use of the imperative form. Understanding the contemporary world and finding out as much as possible about its raison d‘être and the phenomena that characterise it is an obligation in times where there are fewer excuses for being passive, permissive, and indifferent. Instead of merely wondering at the complexity of our world, we must strengthen our ability to interpret it and criticise it. This is what the artists and authors present in this book are fostering with their envisions of life: creating possible worlds that are contributing to shaping a more thoughtful and collective present. 

Editor: Kulturverein Entkunstung
Texts: Maximilian Mauracher, Slavoj Žižek, Leah Dixon, Alle Dicu, Monika Raic, Felipe Duque, a.o.
Design: Maximilian Mauracher
Language: English
Details: Hardcover, 304 pages, 22.5 x 14.8 cm, numerous ills. in color and b/w
Publisher: Kulturverein Entkunstung
ISBN: 978-3-903796-53-9 

€ 15.00