Full HD video | 16:9 | 1.50 min. | color | sound

Within the framework of a modernist exhibition space, a standardized set of behavioral rules regarding objects of art is, in most cases, determined a priori. The stage-like space, amid which two minimalist sculptures rest in Final, also gives this impression. After a short exposition in slow camera shots, however, the nuances of the objects’ reception are, contrary to this set of rules, playfully ascertained. An athlete (Joy Zhou) comes from offstage and takes position to include the sculptures in a competitive match. With precision, he involves the objects in his competition, throws balls at them hard or strikes at them playfully from afar. Loud sounds of arrhythmic beats and thudding balls break the silence of the space and the untouchable appearance of the objects. In their transformation into sound-producing bodies and their functionalization as tables and a bizarre opponent, an unexpected change takes place: it seems as if the objects come to life and they reveal hidden qualities in an eventful lightness. Concept / Camera / Edited: Kay Walkowiak

Performer: Joy Zhou
Postproduction: Manuel Hartmann
Production Assistant: Barbara Probst
Special Thanks: White Space Beijing
Supported by: Federal Chancellery of Austria