Bangkok Biennial, Cho Why, Bangkok (TH)

21.07.2018 – 29.07.2018

In his Exhibition Given: The Haunting Ghost Kay Walkowiak approaches the question of how spirits of the past still exist in the present and how they manifest in virtual layers of reality. With the outstanding example of Marcel Duchamp, as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Kay Walkowiak opens up a cultural dialogue between the concept of „Hauntology“ by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida and traditional beliefs in ghosts and spirits in South-East Asian culture. Hauntology as a nature of being is an idea that inherently embeds the realm of the past in that of the present, the ghosts of the past returning to haunt us. As the eclectic compilation of works was created during precious stays in South-East Asia, Cho Why - located in China Town - was chosen for a site-specific presentation during the Bangkok Biennial 2018.

Cho Why Bangkok

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