Full HD video | 16:9 | 9.17 min. | color | sound

Resembling an archive of formal compositions, Habitat presents relics of human ventures on the periphery of Beijing, failed investments that, amid the Chinese economic boom, now subsist as fallow transitional spaces: a parched palm house restaurant, an incomplete skeleton construction of a copy of Disneyland Castle, and concrete walkways overgrown with lush vegetation that seem to lead nowhere. The film captures the sculptural potential of these forms in a series of fixed-camera shots. The viewer becomes an observer of scenes where time accumulates and the derelict, unused, and forgotten reveal themselves to be sites of latent possibility. 

Concept / Camera / Edited: Kay Walkowiak
Postproduction: Stefan Haselgruber
Production Assistant: Jotte Seghers
Supported by: Neuer Kunstverein Wien, Galerie im Turm Berlin, Federal Chancellery of Austria