2K video | 2.39:1 | 27.11 min. | color | sound

In Hong Kong megalopolis, a lesbian couple lives an intimate relationship, although constantly separated by a door between the two rooms of their tiny apartment. While one young woman lives an ordinary life, the other remains secluded in her room, sitting in continuous meditation. Over time, their respective realities increasingly merge: acts of caring and longing, of loneliness and withdrawal, increasingly interweave, without ultimately being clearly assignable neither to imagination nor to reality in the timeless space of silence that surrounds them. The question of conventional norms of relationship is addressed here just as intensively as homosexual love remains a social taboo in Southeast Asia.

Lovers is the second part of the “In Silence Trilogy.“

Directed / Camera / Edited: Kay Walkowiak
Actesses: Pansy Lo Pan Chi, Sarah Xiao
Supporting Cast: Sophia Li, Hong Yin Pok
Sound Mix: Nigel Brown
Color Grading: Andi Winter
Production Assistant: Barbara Probst
Special Thanks: Chi Wai Cheung, Yun-Yun Juang, Brian MacPherson
Supported by: Federal State of Salzburg, City of Salzburg, City of Vienna 

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