Zone 1, Vienna Contemporary, Vienna (AT)

21.09.2017 – 24.09.2017

Marlies Wirth (AT)

In a new space-filling installation, Kay Walkowiak is discussing and renegotiating the intimate network of relationships between subject and art object as a power structure of desire and aversion.

In line with the art history of painting, primary materials such as canvas and paint, traditionally laden with meaning, form the elementary components of Walkowiak's sculptural objects, which he conceives as a set display for the viewer, leading on to a choreography of references to the formal canons of minimalist painting.

Walkowiak picks up on questions of mediality, placing them in a dialog with the context of the fair, by processing the main medium of the art market - painting - in a performative installation. Besides being a confrontation with power structures underlying competition in the art market, his work also deals with the question of personal physical and emotional relationships with an artwork. 

Text: Zone 1, Vienna Contemporary, Vienna 2017
Photos: (c) Studio Kay Walkowiak

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