Full HD video | 16:9 | 3.40 min. | Black and white | Sound

Following a sequence of quiet scenes, in which a lone man is walking through mountainous landscapes with a white wooden panel strapped to his back, the narration culminates as he arrives at various picturesque locations where he engages in an unexpected performance, breaking down the white panel and scattering the pieces over rocks and trees.

The act itself is at once an animistic ritual, a scientific study of material, a sports-like activity, and an everyday act of work. The questions posed regard the production of a creative act in a situation of chaos, as well as the relationship of temporality and the interaction between an individual and the environment. It is a manifest explaining the end of, and the rupture from, traditional norms; it is also a comment on the pursuit of unachievable utopias, the act itself revealing unmistakably its failure and highlighting the longing for utopian places.