Ehemeliges K.K. Telegrafenamt, Vienna (AT)

21.06.2017 – 14.07.2017

Kay Walkowiak's exhibition at the K&K Telegraph Office focuses on two cinematic works: Requiem and Minimal Vandalism. Mozart's unfinished Requiem in D minor accompanies a hike through an idyllic mountain landscape. The visual language is reminiscent of early romantic paintings. In the luggage a blank surface - a rectangle. An ecstatic gesture interrupts the wanderer's movement. The perfection of the geometric form meets the rough surface of nature. The pathetic soundtrack of the hike is juxtaposed with the scratchy rhythm of the skateboarder in Minimal Vandalism. His dynamic choreography thwarts the clarity of the minimalist canon of forms and mercilessly leaves its traces.
The spatial positioning of the two protagonists opens up a parcours through the scenic nature of the space - a parcours through the Requiem of Lost Forms.

Itai Margula

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