Full HD video | 16:9 | 21 min. | color | sound

India still regards itself as a world within the world, a cycle without beginning or end. As Indians see it, the experience of time always depends on the individual’s state of mind, and so time functions in a multitude of forms. Every human being lives in two temporal currents at once: in a chronological flow that the world’s structure partitions into segments demarcated by events—this one is experienced as linear—and a cyclical flow in which there is no sense of distance between events, no beginning and no end.

Through scenes of daily life in India—each featuring a round element, a recurring movement, or overlapping actions in time—Rounds charts a filmic approach to the gesture of pausing for reflection. By stopping in their tracks, Indian philosophy argues, humans can perceive space divorced from linear time and thus experience a timeless–time-bound existence.

Concept / Camera / Edited: Kay Walkowiak
Postproduction: Stefan Haselgruber
Production Assistant: Barbara Probst
Supported by: Federal Chancellery of Austria