2K video | 2.39:1 | 20.26 min. | color | sound

A Zen monk in traditional Japanese robes is on a journey without a specific destination: he walks through vast coastal landscapes, dense forests and crowded cities. Behind him, he pulls a traditional brass bell on a rope. With each step over the uneven ground, the bell rings out, set in vibration by the walking motion. Its sound opens a dialogue with nature, a conversation in which both increasingly combine - in the same way the monk's steps seem to be increasingly guided by the path rather than by his body. In contemplative slowness, the monk ambles through his surroundings as well as through time; he withdraws from the outside world, gaining in awareness as he keeps travelling in silence on a journey that leaves no traces, because he himself is synched with the continuous change of things.

Satori is the thirst part of the “In Silence Trilogy.“

Directed / Camera / Edited: Kay Walkowiak
Actor: Andreas Wesle
Sound Mix: Nigel Brown
Color Grading: Andi Winter
Production Assistants: Jacques Carrio, Barbara Probst
Special Thanks: Neda Firfova, Jumpei Shimada
Supported by: Federal State of Salzburg, City of Salzburg, City of Vienna

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