Gallery Stephanie Kelly, Dresden (DE) 

21.09.2018 – 27.10.2018

Kerstin Flasche (DE) and Michael Klipphahn (DE)

Charlotte Klobassa (AT), Jonny Niesche (AU), Kay Walkowiak (AT) 

In "Smooth Chromatics", Gallery Stephanie Kelly is showcasing the works of three artists who studied in Vienna: Charlotte Klobassa, Jonny Niesche and Kay Walkowiak.

On display are contemporary paintings and installations of softer and refreshing post-minimalist formalism, irritating gestural brushstrokes and material-aesthetic references to the ideational projection surfaces of our time. Common features of the exhibited positions are their weakness for a soft, sober and smooth colour palette, for fluffy and smooth aesthetics.

Text: Michael Klipphahn, Gallery Stephanie Kelly, Dresden 2018
Photos: (c) Kerstin Flasche