Cornelis van Almsick Satellite, OBEN, Vienna (AT)

21.03.2014 – 28.03.2014

Cornelis van Amsick (DE)

Theresa Eipeldauer (AT), Daniel Hafner (AT), Angelika Loderer (AT),
Kay Walkowiak (AT), Min Yoon (KR), Heimo Zobernig (AT)

It was a natural phenomena. Basic geometry. Some of it play. Something striking, yet subtle. Spread over a distance. He thought about what caused it. Whatever IT was. All of a sudden it looked vague. First he was excited, then started analysing things calmly. He was thinking about it for a long time; though this was only what it felt like and all of this happened within seconds. It just felt like quite a while. When accidents happen - like the transformation of a movie to single frames. Then it came to him. All of a sudden it was all clear. Suddenly the ceiling got a little brighter. He thought about his conclusion and was very satisfied to have solved something important, something of intellectual value. And he thought about what it was that he had solved and he realized in that exact moment: 'I dont remember!' It had all disappeared. His mind was like a white sheet of paper or maybe more like a very light sketch on white paper or maybe the lightest grey of watercolors on paper.
'This is it!' he thought - the faintest idea.

Text: Shelly Goldstine, Vienna 2014 
Photos: (c) Julius Unterberger