THE MECHANICS OF FORM (#5, #4, #1, #3, #2, #6)
Archival pigment print on Fine Art Photo Rag
106 x 80 cm each

The photo series The Mechanics of Form, [...] was produced [...] during a period spent working in India. Kay Walkowiak  creates a system of reference of two cultures and through a subjective theory—fittingly, he calls this “tracing a cultural  history of form”—he works out overlaps and differences.

Every January during the winter solstice, the Uttarayan Kite Festival takes place in Gujarat. This Hindu custom, at which thousands of so-called Patang kites are flown, abolishes social  divisions such as poverty and the caste system for one day.  Reduced as a photograph to the purely compositional qualities of form and color and transposed into an European art context, the kites are torn from their original setting, which opens up a multitude of new ways of seeing.

Text: Ingeborg Erhart

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