Full HD video | 16:9 | 19.30 min. | color | sound

Waterfall tells a special kind of love story: A young women is in love with Marcel Duchamp and sets out on a journey in her search to find the spirit of the dead artist. As time passes, the reality of her daily life more and more fuses with the realm of the artists exceptional works and thoughts.

Waterfall approaches the question of how we love: Do we love the person or the qualities of a person? Do we just love without wanting something in return or are we longing for a feeling of being loved? What or how do we love if we love someone who might not be existing with a solid physical body anymore?

With the outstanding example of Marcel Duchamp, as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Waterfall sounds out the idea of Hauntology as a nature of being that inherently embeds the realm of the past in that of the present: the ghost of Marcel Duchamp returning to haunt us. Throughout the short film several references to Duchamp´s body of work opens up a subtle layer of a virtual reality, connecting the everyday world of the main character with the past away artist´s deepest thoughts and desires.

Concept / Directed / Edited: Kay Walkowiak
Actress: Pinti Zheng
Camera: Kay Walkowiak, Pinti Zheng
Sound Design: Nigel Brown
Postproduction: Be Lucky Taipei
Color Grading: Time Line Studio Taipei
Production Assistants: Barbara Probst
Special Thanks: Soulangh Artist Village, Du Good Tainan,

Supported by: Ministry of Culture Taiwan, Cultural Affairs Bureau Tainan City, Federal Chancellery of Austria, Federal State of Salzburg