Full HD video | 2.35:1 | 7.30 min. | Color | Sound

Wonderland explores and traces traces the relationship between man, art and architecture in the setting of Villa Beer - a prototype of modern living built by architect Josef Frank between 1929 and 1931 in Hietzing, Vienna. Kay Walkowiak utilises the rooms for a sensory experience of space, in which human bodies as performative nudes are being “paired" with sculptures.

Wonderland visually interweaves a detailed inventory of Josef Frank's Villa Beer with a fragmentary performative setting of queer gestures of human intimacy in a domestic space. In the eight-minute short film, the surface of the Villa Beer is subtly scanned and the architecture of its rooms carefully explored with calm, cinematic-looking picture shots. The camera glides through the house almost as if in slow motion, searching for traces of a human presence. In each individual room, the gaze meets a person who is in physical dialogue with minimalist objects and architecture - where documentary and cinematic fiction merge.