4K video | 3.55:1 | 11.45 min. | color | sound

The term matter derives directly from the Latin materia "substance from which something is made," which, in turn, derives from mater, meaning "origin, source, mother.“ Therefore, it is not surprising that the concept of Earth as a female nurturer has long been present in human societies across many cultures. Also, it is not uncommon to see the Earth being prayed to and being invoked as the "Mother of Life", the mother of all living things under its dominion.

Our body, which is born within and out of Nature, consists of the four elements. Even though we can move around freely and feel as a separate entity, we are deeply interconnected with our planet: as a matter of fact, we share the same origin as the universe. As, in Taoist and Zen philosophy, all Nature is seen as a stream of being, devoid of any substance, there is no difference between a human being, an animal, a plant or a rock. Any form is manifesting itself as reality from moment to moment, concurrently empty and deeply aware of itself.

World of Matter draws on this reflection. We, as viewer, are being sucked into an hypnotic dance of matter. Shot in Iceland's nature, the video purely and simply depicts the flux of earth, water, air and fire without resorting to special effects. All we see, in the myriads of shapes and colours, is simply a projection of our own mind. It is a deep dive into our subconsciousness, Rohrschach-style. What might emerge, through the mere act of seeing, is a strong intuitive feeling of connectedness with "Life" itself.

Thus, World of Matter is calling for a broader perspective on Nature, going beyond the traditional economic and ecologic worries, underlining its ever-changing but timeless essence. Our body breathes, as does our planet. Unity, not duality.

Concept / Camera / Edited: Kay Walkowiak
Sound Design: Nigel Brown
Color Grading: Andi Winter
Production Assistant: Barbara Probst
Supported by: MAK - Museum of Applied Arts Vienna, Federal State of Salzburg

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